Star Warsファンにはたまらないプロジェクター - R2D2 DVD Projector


R2D2 DVD Projector

For fans of StarWars, Nikko Home Electronics have developed the ultimate home entertainment addition.

The R2D2 DVD Projector and Webcam unit is, frankly, pretty damn impressive.

Built to 1/2 scale, this is a fully automated, robotic droid, which can be moved around the room and repositioned, all by remote control (which, just happens to be the Millenium Falcon).
Unfortunately, weighing in at about $4,000, it's a little out of the average price range and I may have to, sadly, pass this one by.
Stumbleで見つけた記事なのですが、これはStar Warsファンだけでなく、ガジェット好きにはたまらない製品ですね。



こういった製品を作ってしまったNikko Home Electronicsという会社も気になってしまいましたが。。。

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