“fake it ‘till you feel it” strategy

lifehack.orgのProductive Interview Seriesより

今回のインタビューはGretchen Rubinさんという方。
インタビューの質問に”あなたのベストライフハックは?”というものがあり、その回答が“fake it ‘till you feel it” strategyでした。
I’ve found dozens of strategies that have boosted my happiness, but there’s one thing that’s almost like a magic trick. It’s uncannily effective. Here it is: Act as I would like to feel. If I’m feeling angry at my husband but would like to feel loving and warm, I do something thoughtful for him. If I’m going to a party but feel irritable and shy, I put on a big, eager smile. If I feel low energy, I force myself to move faster and to enliven my voice.

This “fake it ‘till you feel it” strategy isn’t new, but I’ve been astounded by how effective it is.
"fake it 'till you feel it"は直訳すれば、"あなたがそう感じるまで、そのようなフリをしなさい"(ちょっと分かりづらいですかね ^^;)

※全然関係ないんですけど、Gretchen Rubinさん、綺麗な方ですねw。

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