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Cut down on sigs.
Signature files, especially in business, should contain as few lines as possible. Four lines is a figure generally agreed-upon. Email that consists of a two-line statement and a ten-line signature will have its recipients rolling their eyes.
Don't use email when you are angry.
This is a tip from Joan Tunsall's Better, Faster Email (non-affiliate Amazon link). While most of the time email does not convey your emotions, particularly humor, it somehow seems to transmit anger - even when you don’t intend it to come through..

次の分類はCommunicating & Effectivenessです。
Use meaningful subject lines.
Write something "meaningful" in the subject line, to give recipients a clue as to what your email is about. This is increasingly necessary to distinguish legit emails from spam. The latter's subject lines are are often deceptive.
If it's urgent, say so.
Writing 'URGENT' in front of your email's subject will make it stand out from the crowd, and most likely get timely attention from the recipient. Make certain it is urgent, however; remember how much attention was paid to the boy who cried wolf when his cries really mattered.

次はProductivity, Folders, and Filteringの分類。
Respond promptly.
Don't leave email unread for more than two days. Look at it immediately and either respond to it immediately, or -- after reading it -- move it to a "must respond" folder.
Know your limits.
Don't subscribe to dozens of free "tips" sites if you don't have time to read the items. If you feel must do this, for whatever reason, use a freebie email address for this or consider an RSS feed instead.

最後はEmail Attachmentsという分類です。
Keep attachments small.
If you are sending a large attachement to someone, whether they have a free email or not, they probably have an inbox size limit. Stay in good favor with them by only send attachments of no larger than, say, 30-40 Kilobytes, unless they've requested it of you. That means that many videos and large pictures should be uploaded to the web instead of attached to an email.

Get Google Emailなんかはハックになるのかちょっと疑問ですけどね。


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