Robinson Crusoe - page2

Today I will write down page 2.

Chaper 1 : My first sea journey
'I want to be a sailor and go to sea,' I told my mother and father. They were very unhappy about this.
'Please don't go,' my father said. 'You won't be happy, you know. Sailors have a difficult and dangerous life.' And because I loved him, and he was unhappy, I tried to forget about the sea.
But I couldn't forget, and about a year later, I saw a friend in town. His father had a ship and my friend said to me, 'We're sailing to London tomorrow. Why don't you come with us?'
And so, on September 1st, 1651, I went to Hull, and the next day we sailed for London.
But a few days later, there was a strong wind. The sea was rough and dangerous, and the ship went up and down, up and down. I was very ill, and very afraid.
The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Oxford Bookworms Library)

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